Beginnings of a Blog

I have wanted to blog for ages. In fact The Natural Mummy Files has been floating in cyberspace for sometime. I have occasionally posted and then decide I don’t like what I have posted, so I deleted and started again several times.  I am going to stop doing that. I have so many thoughts and opinions running around in my mind, desperate to escape and be heard but my brain gets stuck in a loop. I am passionate about mothering. I have so much I want to share with other mothers, things that may help them in the same way I have found so much help in the wonderful world of the internet. I am going to let go and write from the heart. I want to share what makes me happy as a mother, what makes me feel empowered and mostly I want to help empower other mothers to be the best they can and want to be for their wonderful children because I believe that if we love the children of the world then the best gift we can give them is to love their mothers even more.

I hope you enjoy my blog.